A ground-breaking event to commemorate the start of the project to build Burwell’s new community/conference/event center will take place at the Fairgrounds in Burwell on Saturday, July 27 at 12:00 pm. Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts is scheduled to help with the ceremony – along with other state and local leaders – and everyone is invited! Efforts have been underway for a number of years to develop a community center in Burwell. The planned structure will facilitate local and regional meetings and events, feature a permanent rodeo history exhibit, and attract additional visitors to the community. Previous community input has determined the features of the City’s new facility, to be located at the Fairgrounds, supported by a cooperative agreement between the City of Burwell and the Garfield County Frontier Fair Association. Existing funding from a previous grant and many individual donations will build the facility exterior – with construction to start within the new few months. Additional funding is needed to help finish the interior of the facility, and those wishing to contribute can do so as shown below. All recorded donations to help build the new community center will be formally recognized in the entry area of the facility (unless otherwise requested).

Tax-Deductible Charitable Gifts

  • Mailed to the Calamus Area Community Fund’s “Calamus Community Center Account,” P.O. Box 901, Burwell, NE 68823,
  • Dropped off at the Burwell Economic Development/Chamber of Commerce Office (404 Grand Avenue, Burwell),
  • Submitted online at , and then selecting “Calamus Community Center.”

Non-Cash Tax-Deductible Charitable Gifts

  • Contact the Burwell Economic Development Office (308-346-5210) to discuss needs for qualified building materials, fixtures, equipment, in-kind labor, etc., and how such contributions can qualify as tax-deductible.

Additional Information

  • A presentation PDF about the facility, “Calamus Conference Center,” is available by clicking on the image above.